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From simple T-shirt to Towels and Cooler bags, they're all here.


There are too many brands, styles, colors, fabrics, .... in the market which makes it impossible to carry everything in house therefore we purchase everything per client request.

These are from 3 major garment suppliers that provide garments to almost every print / embroidery shop like us, Here are 3 catalogs for you to explore and find the garment/s to choose from. 

Of course you are always welcomed to contact us if you need our assistance.

Candroy Apparel Catalog 1
Candroy Apparel Catalog 2
Candroy Apparel Catalog 3
* We are not a clothing store that means we do not have nor keep any garments in stock. Each and every garment is purchased per client request therefore "GARMENTS CANNOT BE RETURNED". 
* All sales are final so please, while choosing the garments, read the descriptions of your choices carefully. 
* To help you choosing the right garment, every page of every catalog has a link to the garment's size and measurements. 
* Not every color and size is available at all times so try to have second options of colors and/or styles in mind.
* Shirts sizes S to XL are all the same price, Any size large than XL is more per each additional X (I.e.: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, ....).
* On certain garments, the higher the quantity ordered, the lower the cost.
* Suppliers charge us shipping fees on small quantity orders.